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KUNSTADTER, Peter, BIRD, E.CF. & SABHASRI, S. (ed.), 1986.- Man in the mangroves : the socio-economic situation of human settlements in mangrove forests. Tokyo, United Nations University, 117 p.

Excellent ouvrage désormais en ligne dont certains articles demeurent encore aujourd'hui des références essentielles.


1. Socio-economic and demographic aspects of mangrove settlements (Peter Kunstadter)

2. Mangrove resources and the socio-economics of dwellers in mangrove forests in Thailand

3. Health and sanitation among mangrove dwellers in Thailand

4. Human habitation and traditional uses of the mangrove ecosystem in peninsular Malaysia (H.T. Chan)

5. Socio-economic problems of the kampung laut community in central Java

6. Human interactions with australian mangrove ecosystems (Eric Bird)

7. Ecological and socio-economic aspects of environmental changes in two mangrove-fringed lagoon systems in southern Sri Lanka

8. The distribution and socio-economic aspects of mangrove forests in Tanzania

9. Socio-economic aspects of mangrove vegetation in Japan

10. Traditional uses of south american mangrove resources and the socio-economic effect of ecosystem changes (Samuel Snedaker)

  Recommendations with respect to the special case of the mangrove forest of Thailand


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